Welcome to Mikhal Brandstatter Photography!


I have enjoyed taking photographs all my life, but only started making my work commercially available in October 2014.


I now have permanent displays at Abbey House Retreat Centre, Glastonbury, The View Gallery, Okehampton and Kooky Nook, Okehampton. You can buy or order my products at any of these venues. I also have exhibitions running at most times as well as various events.


I take photos of anything that catches my attention - which seems to often be the natural world, with special attention to colour, light and shadow. More recently, I have begun to work with sculptures and even occasionally human beings! I often see wonder in unexpected places, what might be termed 'looking anew' ...


At present, it is not possible to buy my products via the website.


I sell my images as cards, framed and mounted prints, canvases, and calendars, but am able to customise most products. If you would like to place orders or require further information, please contact me by phone or email. I have also now begun to take bespoke commissions.


If you would like to give me feedback of any sort (positive or negative, about my work or about the site) PLEASE DO. It is all useful to me.


If you have any other queries, please be in touch (eg: Where/what is that?!) Also, if you would like further information on where you can see my work. 


Thank you for your time and interest.